Mass text messaging service

We live in a technological age where even teenagers have mobile phones at school; they seem to have them permanently fixed to their hands. If you take the phones away from them they struggle to survive the day without being able to text in their weird language or abbreviations and smileys.

But now the technological age has taken a new turn as the internet and mobile networks cross over and join forces to make a cheap and affordable network for the masses. There have been several failed attempts to put text messaging online but until now most have fallen at the first hurdle.Click this link here now: mass text messaging service.

The problem with the internet is that with the invention of broadband most people pay a monthly subscription for unlimited access, where as the mobile networks tend to charge per text message usually at a rate of 10p per text. When companies provide free text messaging online it is usually used and abused to the point that it drains the company’s resources. Most of the funding received for these sites that provide text messaging online obtain their money through adverts on the site or click through adverts.

The first of these services that I saw was offered from British Telecom and their free email service launched to compete with Hotmail called Talk21. The service allowed users to log in to the service and send friends on the 02 mobile network free mobile text messaging online.

There were calls for the service to be stopped as it was claimed that it was discriminating against the other competitor mobile networks like, Vodafone, Orange and Talk Talk. However, British Telecom fought Ofcom which is the ombudsman and as far as I am aware the service is still running today.

Most of the mobile networks now off a certain amount of free text messages free every month, some even offer unlimited text messages to their clients if they pay more on their monthly line rental bill, which has made it even harder for these online companies to compete with them as no one is going to pay for a service online that they already get for free.